A Library Card and a Willing Heart


A Library Card and a Willing Heart

It seems when a parent considers homeschooling their child, their first concern is books.

“What am I supposed to use?”

“How do I afford schoolbooks?” 

“I don’t have a teaching degree…how could I ever qualify to each my child?”

Looking back on my 27 years of homeschooling, I remember my own panic.  It didn’t seem like I would be legal or official or something if I didn’t “do it right”.  Now, I see that a library card and a willing heart is plenty to homeschool your child.  Yes, it is handy to have your own books, but it isn’t essential.  A teaching degree might be nice, but it might also get in the way—you want this school to be catered to your own child.  You love your child. That qualifies you much more than any teaching certificate.

For starters, focus on your child. What are his interests? What does he get enthusiastic about? If it is outer space, you have your science curriculum! There are plenty of library books and online videos and children’s space documentaries to get the information your student is craving.  How do you make it into school?  Real school, meaning real education and learning?

Here’s how I would do it!

Science topic:  Outer Space

English: research and write reports on the planets, asteroid belt, black holes, magnitude of the sun, etc. etc.

Art: make a model of the solar system, paint a beautiful watercolor cover for each of your planet reports, draw illustrations on your reports.

History: Study the space race, astronauts, photos from the Hubble, etc.

Computer:  Make a Power Point of your space studies for a final presentation  (you will learn Power Point as a sidelight!)  A YouTube video would be fun too!

Field trips: Cape Canaveral?

You get the idea!  Harness the power of your child’s interest!  They will LOVE school!  You will teach them to read and write and study and research without them even knowing it!

Add a Phonics program (if your child is learning to read) and a math program, and you’ll have a complete curriculum.  Next year, when your child is totally thrilled with homeschooling, you can add in the things you think he needs to know, such as US history, or Life Skills such as keyboarding.  On second thought, you probably already taught him keyboarding while writing his planet reports!

Now, you might ask, since I sell homeschool supplies, how I could suggest that a library card and a willing heart are all that is necessary.  Well, I do believe it.  I also love books, and find homeschooling is much easier with wonderful resources. I have my recommendations, and I am glad to share my opinion about what resources I love the most.  But please remember, that comes second.  Interest comes first!


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