Give ’em the Rigamarole

emilylaughHave you ever been given the “rigamarole”? The dictionary says the word rigamarole is a noun that means: a set of confused and meaningless statements or a long and complicated and confusing procedure.

Rigamarole is also the name of an old fashioned American tongue-twisting classroom game . “Give ’em the rigamarole” and your students will learn the writing and speaking skill of alliteration and never forget it! (An alliteration is the repeated use of the same beginning sound.)

To play Rigamarole, you will need 3 to 6 players (a family of children is just right!)

The first player makes up a sentence using the number one. All the words in the sentence must begin with o like the word one:


One orange orangutan.

Now the second player must repeat the crazy one sentence and follow it with a two sentence, in which the words all begin with a t:

Two tiny tots.

The third player has to repeat both sentences and come up with a three sentence, in which the words begin with a th, the beginning sound of three:


Three thirsty things.

Now, the next player has to repeat all sentences up to this point before making up an alliteration with the letter f, since it is the fourth sentence and starts with the “f” sound :


Four fudgy fistfuls of fantastic flavor!

Make it as creative as you can!  As players make mistakes, they are “out”. The winner is the remaining player that can repeat things correctly, and invent a new sentence.

Have fun! (Hey, this counts for English in homeschool!)


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