Project: Autumn’s Glory Wreath

harvestwreath3Autumn’s beauty is pretty overwhelming where I live. As I drive up my little lane, it seems to have turned all gold!

This is the time of year that my kids start asking when we are going to make our fall wreaths—a very easy craft for little ones that helps them enjoy autumn’s glories. Here are the simple instructions:

Autumn Glory Wreath


*paper plate (sturdy is better)
*glue stick
(optional: glue gun for Mom to use)



1) Take a walk with a bag in one hand to gather all the wonderfully “fall” things you find. It won’t take long for children to have their bag brimming over with acorns, red and yellow leaves, twigs, rose hips, seed pods, and other treasures.

2) Draw a large circle in the middle of a paper plate, and cut it out. This will leave you with a wreath shape.


3) Arrange leaves, seed pods, etc. in a eye-pleasing design, trying to cover all the areas of the paper plate so no plate peeks through.

4) Using a glue stick (or a glue gun for heavier objects), attach the treasures to your “wreath”.

5) Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through the hole in the center to use to hang your wreath, or simply use tape.


Happy Autumn!


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