Bean Teepee

Midsummer: Growing, growing!

Midsummer: Growing, growing!

I thought you might enjoy seeing how our bean tepee turned out! I think I got overly excited on this project, because every few days I would go out to check if the seedlings had come up yet, and not seeing much, I would plant many more seeds. I did that several times, and then everything sprouted up and overwhelmed us! How fun!

One of the ways (shall I say the “happy way”) I get my kids to weed the garden is I take them swimming first. I know that sounds backwards, as it would be more reasonable to get the work done and then enjoy the reward. But it is pretty hot here in Utah, and by the time we get out to the garden in the morning, it is tough to work in the heat. But, after a nice long swim, everyone is wet, cool, and in a good mood, so it is easy to slip out into the garden in our swimsuits and weed and harvest in time to prepare it all for a fresh and healthy lunch.

I intended to plant just green pole beans, but as I said, I got overly excited and ended up putting in some yellow squash seeds, morning glory flowers, and Armenian cucumbers (that grow very adventurously long and luscious!) and whatever else I could find along with the pole beans. So, our tepee is sprawling everywhere, including up, and Louisa goes inside the tepee in the shade, and sits and harvest a big pile of green beans just reaching around her to the tepee vines.

Isn’t summer fun?!


It’s a jungle out here! Whoa! Who planted all these things?


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