Building a Child’s Education

teamwork-606818_1280When I plan my homeschool, I think of it as constructing a lovely building. You must first start with a firm, sturdy base, especially if you are building a lofty edifice!  These are the basics of being a fine person: character, virtues and goodness. Training children in the way they should go is an on-going job, but if it goes lacking, not much else matters. We don’t want to create “educated devils”.

Next comes a solid foundation of educational skills, such as reading, writing, math, history and life skills (know-how) that builds year after year. Building  a firm foundation of skills and knowledge prepares for the next level of the structure, which is that learning that will help you to specialize and follow your interests. This prepares your for your life work!

Now, imagine:  A child who has been trained to be honest and good, from the time of his babyhood.  Taught to master basic education and skills, as he grows.  Led to develop his talents in the special path of his interest. He is ready for life! He is ready to give the world his gift!  This is the goal of education.

This can be visualized in the chart below:


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