What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

What does homeschooling look like?

It looks like LOVE

Children bask in the time Mom spends with them, and what better way to spend time than learning and discovering together?  Love is spelled “t-i-m-e”. [Read more…]

Facing the First Day

Brothers Ammon and Nathan arm wrestling!

Brothers Ammon and Nathan arm wrestling!

It’s fall time—back-to-school season—and many mothers are facing the first day of homeschool for the very first time. Talking to a few of these mothers made me yearn to write to any mother who is in that wonderful and overwhelming position! If you are bringing children home from public school to homeschool, you may be wondering how you’ll ever manage. Maybe this quick how-to will help you evaluate where you are and what you need to be thinking about. [Read more…]

Homeschooling Assignment #7

Remember Assignment #3? Let’s keep going on your Teacher’s Planner:

Assignment #7: Balance!



[Read more…]

Homeschooling Assignment #5

 How fun was it painting in Assignment #4Time for your next task:

Assignment #5: Gaining Vision


My son Mark graduates from the university!

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Homeschooling Assignment #4

 Did you do Assignment #3? Here’s my favorite assignment:

Assignment #4: Paint a Picture

watercolor-487996_1280Easy and fun. Just get out watercolor paints. You can use whatever you have. The cheap kind that are in a box with a brush inside is fine. Or use more exotic art supplies. A fine point brush is great for adding details if you have one. Q-tips even work. Set the dining room table with paper cups half fun of water, some rags or paper towels and a stack of blank paper. Put a newspaper sheet on each person’s spot to give them license to paint right up to and over the edge of their paper.

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Homeschooling Assignment #3

All done with Assignment #2? Are your kids reading more? Are you? Are you having fun?  Here’s what’s next:

Assignment #3: Teacher’s Planner

Scoutmaster Dad and Ammon

Scoutmaster Dad and Ammon

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Homeschooling: You Can Do it! Assignment #1

Considering homeschooling? Try my simple assignments to see if your children would enjoy being homeschooled.

Assignment #1: Take a Trip to the Library with the Kids

pull-25799_1280Stash an empty apple box or wagon in the back of your van and go to the library. Take the kids with you. When you get there, if you don’t have one, get a library card. Set up the kids at a little table with a stack of books to keep them happy. Treat yourself to some time to pick out one of two magazines or books that interest you. (Your children need to see you being a good example of reading, you know, plus you need something to enjoy in your “self-renewal time”.)

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Homeschooling Assignment #2

 Did you do Assignment #1? Did your kids enjoy it?  If so, try the next very simple step! 

Assignment #2: Read a Book Out Loud

That’s right. It will just take you 10 minutes. It is fun! Just read your children a story out loud. If they aren’t all home, that is okay. If Dad is present and wants to enjoy, so much the better. The age of your children doesn’t matter. Teens like stories just as adults and preschoolers and all ages do.

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