Company Manners

Emily turns 15 with her towering ice cream cake!

Emily turns 15 with her towering ice cream cake!

Company’s coming . . . and it can be a bit nerve-wracking wondering just what your kids are going to say or do! Get them ready to host guests—or to be good, mannerly guests themselves—wherever you go!

I know I find myself reciting a long list of “be sure you don’t” and “remember to . . .” as we turn up the driveway—not exactly the best teaching moment. Start the lesson right now and keep it simple: just 4 rules to remember when you go to someone’s house!

1. Be grateful
Even if you have had spaghetti every night this week, it’s not going to fly if you blurt out, “Oh no, not spaghetti AGAIN” when the hostess brings out her special dish!

2. Be helpful
Keep your eyes open to find a chance to help set the table, move chairs, hold the baby, or give up your place for someone else. Everyone loves a guest that helps!

3. Be content
Don’t ask for things. The people you are visiting have done what they can to make it pleasant for you. If they are serving water, don’t ask for juice. If they offer you a sleeping bag, don’t ask why you can’t sleep in the waterbed. The only exception to this rule is a reasonable request for something basic that they have accidentally overlooked (such as toilet paper).

4. Be fun
Be willing to participate in whatever is planned. If they want to play games, you’re in. If caroling is their joy, you sing too. Be game to do things—be fun to have around!

Just 4 rules.  (Grateful Helpful Content Fun)

Everyone will want to invite you back!


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