Doldrum Buster!


Winter can bring some dark days that give us cabin fever. What better way to break the doldrums than to celebrate! Just the words, “let’s have a party!” gets everybody happy at my house. An ordinary supper can turn in to a “dinner party” in just 10 minutes! Your kids will be excited to do the decorating!

Here’s how we do the magic transformation:

1. Decorate the table with a tablecloth (or beach towels!) and some decorations (shells, toy fish, fruit, flowers, paper cut-outs, etc.)

2. Light a candle (or several!) on the table.

3. Use fancy or not-everyday dishes. Even paper plates are okay. As long as it is something different, it makes it special!

dinnerparty14. If you have them, blow up a few balloons and tie them one by one to a length of yarn. Use a push pin to hang from the ceiling.

5. And there is always crepe paper to turn it into a party: twist a roll attaching it to the corners of the dining room.

6. Serve a dessert after dinner.

If you have ice cream in the freezer that you can serve in fancy little dishes with a cherry on top, that will do great! Or you can make easy cookies, or just slice fruit in a little bowl and sprinkle nuts on top. Set the dish atop a paper doily on a plate. Let the kids prepare the desserts in the kitchen and bring them out on a serving tray for extra pizazz.

Louisa sets up all the toppings for Hawaiian haystacks!

Louisa sets up all the toppings for Hawaiian haystacks!

7. Play a game after dinner just for fun.

And the party is on! Dreary day gone.




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