Double Vision

         Double Vision

My Grandma’s spectacles are queer
It’s almost like a game,
She says she has two pair of them,
Although they look the same.

One pair makes tiny thngs seem big,
“Enlarged,” she says it’s called;
The other makes big things seem small­—
I s’pose they are “ensmalled”.

I never see her change them,
But she always seem to know
Just when to see things pretty small
And when to make ‘em grow!

Some days folks think I’m ‘quisitive
And bother ‘round a lot;
Her specs just twinkle as she ‘splains
“She’s such a little tot!”

But when she gives me gingerbread
Or cookies or a treat,
She says, “A great big girl like you
Needs lots and lots to eat.”

I saved some choc’lates for her once—
Some teeny little ones—
She said I was “an angel” an’
They looked “as big as buns”!

But when I dropped my mug,
And made a big spot on the mat
She said, “It won’t be seen at all,
A little thing like that!”

I’m saving all my pennies
And I’m going to buy two pairs
Of spectacles for father­—
The kind that Grandma wears.



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