Easy Breezy Kids’ Gifts

Make a super easy and much enjoyed Christmas gift for little ones this year! Here’s the instructions for a trio of delightful presents!


1) Oooh Foamy!

Buy a can of unscented shaving cream and a large plastic serving tray from the dollar store. Add plastic utensils, comb, little plastic cups and scoops, popsicle sticks or other “tools” for sculpting and scooping fun. Add a little bottle of food coloring (for mom to add drop by drop, to the enjoyment of the kids).


2) My Real Dolly

Outline a simple gingerbread or paperdoll shape on an old pillowcase or double piece of cloth. Sew both sides together and turn inside-out. Fill dolly with white flour and stitch the opening closed. Add yarn or painted hair, draw on the facial features. Wrap in a piece of flannel as a blanket. This dolly feels weightly just like a real baby!



3) Homemade Playdough

Whip up a batch of soft dough to delight a child on your list. Add a garlic press (—the most fun tool!), plastic utensils, little wooden rolling pin, plastic animals, and big buttons or coins to press into the dough to leave an impression.



2 cups flour
2 T. oil
2 cups water
1 cup salt (yep, a cup!)
4 tsp. cream of tartar

Mix in pan over low heat, stirring constantly. Dough will gather away from the sides of the pan when done. Knead on waxed paper when it cools slightly, until smooth in consistency. Store in plastic container.



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