Easy Exercise


We know we should exercise, but it sure seems hard to make it to the gym, or get out walking or jogging on icy roads. Having children at home for school complicates it even more—who is there to supervise while you are gone?

I’ve come up with a plan—sort of goofy, but it works! So, who can argue?

Besides, it makes my kids laugh!

Every morning, first thing in homeschool, in the time period that I would like to be out exercising, I select an educational video to put on. I throw on a loose, light, cotton robe; grab a weight in each hand (in the form of big soup cans, or 2 lb. bags of rice or beans) and start the movie. My kids sit and watch the movie (or join me exercising) and I stand off to the side, or behind them and exercise. I just march or jog in place, dance or do leg kicks or whatever I feel like with my legs which have the big muscles which really give your heart and lungs and whole body the benefits of an exercise workout. As women our arms can lack strength, so I use the soup cans (or bags of beans) to add weight and just pump them up and down or do arm circles or whatever motion I feel like with my arms. The idea is to keep a steady pace going to burn fat and benefit your heart. Don’t over-exert. Just keep at it gently and you’ll break a sweat without working yourself too hard. You should not be panting.

I put the timer on 30 minutes (or choose a 30 minute video) and away we go! I get to exercise, and the kids are thrilled to be allowed to watch a movie. Since I am not listening to something else, I am involved with them, can quell any squabbles and can discuss the movie—a head start on our homeschool day!

imageIf you have the Hero Classic DVD’s, these work great as they are just the right amount of time, have some music in them to keep you going, and are historically accurate. I love historical fiction or documentaries that boost our history studies.

Nothing to learn, no equipment needed, no blaring exercise music, no skin-tight-leotard-clad instructor to follow, no boredom . . . just watch a movie with your kids. Hey, this is easy!

Easy exercise—just what I needed.

Make ’em laugh!


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