For the New Homeschooler

boys-286245_1280Congratulations on wanting to homeschool!

I want to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! Homeschooling is a joyful lifestyle that you will love! Don’t get stressed, just come with me step-by-step and I’ll help you get started.

1. First, if you haven’t already, pray. Your child belongs to God—He knows his children best and He wants them to have the very best education. He wants them to have friends that will help them reach their potential and stay firm in the faith. He will help you in making decisions on methods and resources that will interest your student. You need his strength and guidance.

2. Don’t stress over teaching supplies. Colonial Americans educated their children marvelously well with one reader and a slate. You don’t have to be rich to homeschool. Get a library card, paper and pencil, and you will have a good beginning. When you want more, I would be glad to share my recommendations with you.

3. Legal stuff: there are many good websites that detail the legal requirements of your state. Type your state’s name and the words “homeschool laws” into a search engine to find out what your state requires. Generally, you are required to file an affidavit with your school district, telling them of your plan to homeschool, and assuring them that you will spend so many hours and days of instruction. We do not want to copy the long hours of the public school, and when you begin homeschooling, you will realize that structured schooling (math, language arts, etc.) takes just 1-3 hours per day, depending on your child’s age. But, learning goes on all day long as your child reads, cooks with you, experiments, does hands-on projects, discovers the world of nature, and practices the piano, for example. You can feel satisfied that you will easily fulfill the state requirement for learning hours.

4. Read! A well read man is a truly educated man. Make reading aloud to your family a daily event that everyone looks forward to. Start with a children’s classic that has wide appeal to everyone (Little House on the Prairie series, Trumpet of the Swan, Mr. Popper’s Penquins, etc.) and you will ignite a love of reading that will serve your children very well in their path to being truly educated.

5. Get information. Browse this website: I think you’ll find answers to some of the questions that may be on your mind.

6. Friends are so important to making homeschooling successful! Join email lists, support groups, park days, and any other homeschool activity you can find.

My philosophy of homeschool is that it is FUN! Being together with your children and being together learning—I can’t think of much more fun than that. Use hands-on projects, experiments, field trips, educational videos, etc. to keep it fun. Teach them the same subject at the same time (history, science, art, etc.) so you can all be on the same topic for discussions, which eases Mom’s job and makes homeschooling a delightful family project.

I’m rooting for you! Best success!


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  1. lorraine raymond says:

    hi there mrs hopkins my name is lorraine raymond i have a daughter age 7 her name is michaela she is in grade 2 ever since she started j k she loved school til she hit the 2nd grade its a new school new teacheer and she is seeing a theripist for her fears and i am struggleing with her to get her to school she loves school but this year shes having a hard time getting there i want to know everything about home schooling could you please help me to know if this is the best way to go with my daughter? thank you
    shes affraid of her teacher raising her voice i had talked to the v p about it but she is affraind of going in still

  2. Lisa Hoyle says:

    I have been thinking about homeschooling for a couple of years now. I have been scared that I won’t do a good job, and that my daughter won’t do what I tell her to do. I have prayed about this I know that I could work at the farm next door and homeschool also. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. It would be a part time job of course. But I think it is something we could do. We live in NC and I’m not sure what requirements there are in NC. Anyway, this was the first time I have seen your website and it has given me some encouragement. Thank you – Lisa Hoyle

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