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imageI have a 10 year old boy who is doing Saxon 76. It takes 30 minutes for me to work with him on a lesson, working only the amount of problems I feel are necessary, as taking longer than this causes math burnout. Would using the D.I.V.E. CD help my son be more independent in his math time? Can you pick and choose which problems to use? Is it worth the $50?


Yes, D.I.V.E.  (Digital Interactive Video Education) is definitely worth the money and will free you up. Yes, you can pick and choose which problems to do.

I use D.I.V.E. with my children,and I have not taught math to my older students for 3 years now, yet they are doing much better than when I did teach them math!

One thing you may want to consider is not doing a whole lesson per day, but a half lesson. It is more important that the student learns the info and has a good experience than that they speed ahead. I think 30-45 minutes of math per day is quite enough. If you are steady with math, doing it daily, even at the rate of 1/2 lesson per day, you will still steadily march right through the textbooks and have a very thorough education.

Best success!


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