Pencil Weather

apples-85152_1280Ahh…autumn weather is blowing in, gusty and cool. The mountain trees are turning red, orange and gold. It’s “pencil weather”!

With a full measure of summer fun tucked away, we can fully turn to the important task of education. This morning my daughter Emily was reminiscing about her childhood of homeschooling. She spoke of mother and children gathered in the family room with cozy socks on and with our stacks of books, deep in learning something interesting while the upcoming lunch chili soup bubbled on the stove.  Pencil weather makes one yearn for that!

It’s not so important when the public school start date is. Learning is great anytime. But there is a certain magic to studying when the weather turns. It might be fun to consider waiting to start your homeschool until pencil weather arrives.

New school pencils!  Doesn’t that evoke a fond memory?!  We’ve got some wonderful new ones this fall.

 Fidget Pencils

Fidget Pencils, 4

Got a fidgety child? A fidget pencil is just the thing to keep hands busy while listening and learning! Each colorful pencil has a unique contraption that moves and twists. Fun!  Keep your hands busy so you can keep your mind engaged when listening with these fun fidget pencils. Fidget is removable and reusable. Set of 4 keep-me-occupied pencils to help student from feeling fidgety!

Times Table Pencils

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.56.43 AMComplete multiplication facts are printed right on the pencils!  12 wooden pencils with erasers. Pass these out for math and watch the enthusiasm grow!

Jumbo Beginner Pencils

These chubby pencils are just right for a beginning writer—easy to hold for little hands. Quality wood pencil with good erasers! Choose from two designs: shiny, metallic pencil has alphabet letters and numbers…from 1 to 20 printed on it or glitzy solid metallic designs in bright colors.

Jumbo Pencil, DozenJumbo Glitz pencils, 12

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