Precious Body

emily_elizabeth_closeupAren’t babies the greatest? They don’t give a smidgen of care to what you dress them up in. It can be on inside-out and backwards, and they don’t complain. They don’t mind if their hair isn’t combed just so. They aren’t self-conscious if they burp. Tummy gurgling in public doesn’t bother them a bit. They think they are wonderful! And they are right, too.

What happens between baby days and adulthood that makes a person think less of their precious body? We live in a culture that teaches the word “gross” in connection with body functions. I’m afraid we train our children that their body is not such a wonderful thing.

Knowing that our bodies are a precious gift from God, I started my own one-woman campaign when I was a young mother. I decided that these words would never be used to describe one’s body in my home:

gross or gross-out

(sorry for the bad words!)

Whenever changing my baby’s diaper, I tried to smile and make comment to my baby on the loveliness and wonder of his/her precious body. What do we teach by frowning and saying, “Yuck! Pee-ew!”? No wonder teenagers think nothing is quite right about their bodies!

Precious, precious body. Enjoy it, take care of it, speak kind words about it, love it completely! It is God’s gift to you.


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