Project: Souvenir Rocks


We love to travel!

From an educational standpoint, travel really intensifies learning! And family memories are made that form a wonderful store of inside jokes, and shared experiences. (We arecamping_oregon_10still laughing about too-hungry Emily’s comment when locating a road sign that announced that the state police were on the right. She read it, “The steak police are on the rice.”) Hee hee. What a bond travel creates within a family!

When it comes time to take home a souvenir, a rock is just right! It is small, non-fragile and free. We spend time searching for just the right rocks and when we get home it is easy to jot down the place and date in permanent marker We’ve even painted a little scene on them to remember the location we visited. Store these in a pretty bowl or jar and enjoy your memories of great trips together!


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