Eating All the Time


I have four little ones, ages 6, 4, 2, and 9 months. The older ones want to eat all the time! I’m sympathetic because, with pregnancy and nursing, I’m hungry often, too. But it’s too much to clean up 5-6 times a day after so many snacks. Being home all day makes easy access to the refrigerator…how should I discipline ourselves regarding meals and snack times to make life easier?! [Read more…]

The Singing House

by May Morgan Potter


Fred ate his breakfast dutifully and then slipped down from his chair.

“Now can I go over to Jimmy’s, mother?” he asked.

“But Fred,” I said, “you were over there yesterday and the day before. Why not have Jimmy come here today?”

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Sing Christmas!

homeschooling_1063_rebekahabilgailpianoI’m not quite sure how the tradition started in our homeschool, but for as long as I can remember, we have learned a new Christmas song every single December. Not a common song but a unique song that we may have heard the melody of, but have not learned the words.

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Kind at Home


Kind at Home

I’d like for folks to say of me,

No matter where I roam,

“That child is nice and gentle—but

She’s sweeter far at home.

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Rotate Your Toys

Toys are the tools of little ones! I learned in college how stimulating a child’s brain led to higher intelligence, so I always wanted to have as many as good toys as possible at my house, feeling like they would help my kids brain develop. I was on the lookout at yard sales when I was a young mother, and pretty soon, the house was littered with toys. And the kids got bored of them. I got a big toy chest thinking I could lasso the toy mess but it just became a black hole—it seemed toys from the bottom were irretrievable! And you could break them just trying to yank them out.

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