What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

What does homeschooling look like?

It looks like LOVE

Children bask in the time Mom spends with them, and what better way to spend time than learning and discovering together?  Love is spelled “t-i-m-e”. [Read more…]

Desert Thoughts

desertimageWow, there is a lot of sagebrush in the southwestern United States!

I am in the back seat of a minivan with a computer on my lap as my 16-year-old drives. It’s pretty bouncy and weavy! He is trying to get his driving hours completed so he can get his driver’s license, and what better time than on a family road trip?. . . if mom’s nerves can stand it! Dad’s been sworn to zip his lips, since he can get verbally excited when teenagers are learning to drive!

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Mary Poppins’ Method

character-663356_1280There’s work to be done when you raise a family! It is possible, however, to turn time spent in routine chores into time well invested in helping a child practice skills or building memories. Have you tried the “Mary Poppins’ Method”? I don’t think a spoonful of sugar is very healthy for making the medicine go down, but the concept sure works to transform chores into delightful time spent together. Mom’s attitude makes all the difference!

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