Talent Show!


The golden hours to be with family. . . time to talk, play games, take walks and . . . to share our talents!

One of our traditions is put on a little talent show for each other in a very fun and informal way. Every time we have a talent show, I feel amazed at how accomplished my children are! (How did that happen?) I realize that I don’t often enough just stop and fully listen to the results of their practicing, practicing. It is so fun to hear my kids play their instruments, sing, recite poetry they have memorized in homeschool, tell a story or do a dance. I think it is so good for them too—a chance to shine and be applauded without the stress of a formal recital!

Even the smallest talent is heartily approved. If a family member can do a somersault, fold an origami shape, do an impromptu dance, tell a joke, or say their “ABC’s”; it is surely considered a talent worthy of performing! Nothing is too small. In years past, we loved to see what our grandparents would come up with each year!

abigaildancingIt is great for the kids to see their parents’ sometimes rusty talents too. This year I played a piano piece from the primer piano book that I used as a little girl. I had one favorite song in that beginner book and that is about where my childhood piano training stopped. . . but I can still play “Swans on the Lake”, and so I did. Thank goodness my family wildly applauded! (It was tough to follow my son Mark’s breathtaking piano performance of a 10 page piece by Rachmaninoff!)

Now that my children are getting older, I really am so gratified to see the fruit of their years of training—and to get some surprises too! Ammon (16) has been studying music theory and he wrote and performed his own Christmas hymn this year, to our total amazement.

What better gift for a parent than to have such a wonderful pay-off? I hope you make the time to enjoy the precious gifts of your family’s talents!


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