Do I Need to Test My Child?


We need to know about testing. When? What materials? How often?

Please help! Our son is in the 4th grade.


As home school moms, we are trying to put information into our children’s minds and hearts, not pull it out, which is what testing seems to be all about. The most effective test that can ever be given is to talk to the student for 5-10 minutes, asking questions, asking him to explain details of the subject you are testing him on. This was the method (oral evaluation) used in educating our founding fathers and it was very effective. Most homeschoolers find eventually that oral testing is the most revealing of the student’s knowledge level, and can be pleasant, rather than nervewracking.

The use for testing is to roughly assess a student’s level for placement in a math book or in a college. It has its downfalls, as not all students test well or as quickly as needed to get a good score, even though they may understand the information completely. I have math placement tests in my store but that is all I really use for testing my own children. Eventually, they take the ACT or SAT as a college entry test (often the first test they have ever taken).

I hope you have great success in your home school!

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