Wonderful, Wonderful Chores!

cleaning-268126_1280Not too many people like the word “chores”, but oh, they can be wonderful! They are the best teacher you’ll ever find! They teach a host of skills and virtues such as self-control, “stick-to-it”-ness, joy in accomplishment, problem-solving, perseverance, and the work ethic. Plus, they lighten many a tired mom’s load.

What is enough and what is too much to expect from children? Here is an age appropriate guide-line (keeping in mind that each child has a unique ability level):

Help pick up toys with you working side by side
Wipe up a spill
Do a small specific task before the timer goes off
Wash a spot on a wall or door
Put books back on a shelf
Feed pets
Dust (put socks on his hands!)
Drag a light laundry basket or hamper to the laundry room

3-5 Years
All of the above, plus:
Dress themselves, to a degree
Brush their own teeth (you will still need to “check” those teeth!)
Wash themselves
Set the table
Make beds
Take plastic dishes over to counter after a meal
Wash dishes (after a manner)
Rinse non-breakable and non-heavy dishes
Pick up toys, if it is a small confined task and not a whole pile of assorted
toys dumped on the floor
Put clothes and shoes away
Sort things (spoons go here, forks go there)
Help cook
Put away groceries
Fold small items, such as pillowcases and dishtowels
Unwrap things (we buy a case of hand soap at a time and unwrap it to let it
harden so it lasts longer)
Match socks
Empty trash cans

6 to 8 Years
All of the above, plus:
Tie shoes
Hang up clothes on hangers
Change a baby’s diaper
Peel vegetables
Take care of pets with supervision
Take out trash
Set the table
Sort laundry and put it away
Load dishwasher
Wash dishes for real
Wash walls or mirrors with spray cleaner
Answer the phone and take messages
Get up with an alarm clock

9 to 12 Years
All of the above, plus
Do their own hair (girls can learn to fix their hair now)
Get themselves all dressed and ready by themselves
Follow a recipe
Bake bread
Clear the table
Do laundry
Change bedding
Scrub the bathtub
Mow the lawn
Do yard work
Watch small children

13 to 15 Years
All the above, plus
Grocery shop
Cook a full meal
Wash windows
Deep cleaning
Wash a car
Earn money and buy own clothes
Watch babies

16 Years and Up
All that an adult can do that does not require experience or mature judgment

Enjoy the help! Every mom needs it and pitching in on the work only makes the child a more wonderful human being!


My three grandbabies and my husband Rick



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