Project: Twig Furniture

I shared with you the cozy country cottage that Louisa made. Come with us to build some charming twig furniture to go inside!


Here’s how:

1) Just gather twigs. (These are cherry and peach branches recently pruned from our orchard.)

2) Plug in a the low-heat glue gun and get your garden clippers.

3) Use the garden clippers (or kitchen scissors) to clip the twigs into short lengths.


To make a little chair, cut and lay out the pieces you need. Just estimate! Cut one twig and then use it to measure against to cut others the same size.

Just to give you an idea, here is the size I used, but I didn’t measure them when I made it:

2 long twigs (about 2.5″ high) for the back legs
2 short twigs (about 1″ high) for the chair front chair legs
8 twigs for cross bars (about 1.5″ long)
about 10 (2″) twigs for the chair seat


4) Glue gun the chair frame together. Add crossbars to make it stable.


5) Glue twigs across . . .


. . . to make a sturdy seat! I added a little “V” shaped piece of twig to the chair back to make it fancy!


Aw, that feels good to sit down and relax a while! To put our feet up, we’d need a footstool. That shouldn’t be too hard!



It would really feel good to lie down on a bed!


Make a bed just like a chair, except make the “seat” bigger, and closer to the floor. And spread out the twigs going across so they just hold up the mattress. This little bed measures 4″ long. The head bedpost twigs are 2.5″ high.


This bed just needed somebody to lay in it, so I quickly drew a little gal to nap there while I fold some cloth into a tiny mattress and pillow.

Now we are dreaming of making a little doll to live in this cottage.


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