Build a Cozy Country Cottage


Louisa had a great time building a cozy country cottage in miniature! All you need is cardboard, glue, acrylic craft paint and some tissue paper for flowers to bloom around your door! This doesn’t have to be a female craft. Boys can make a fire station (complete with second floor fire-pole) or a space station . . .whatever you can imagine . . .


Want to make one? Here’s how:


Cut a little front shape out with doors and windows. Our door measured about 3″ tall.


Bend a piece of construction paper, cardstock or thin cardboard over the house front to make a roof. Attach with glue or tape. Paint it. Blossoms can be made by squishing up little squares of tissue paper and attaching with glue stick.


Paint a cheery color in the inside (like yellow walls and ceiling). Louisa painted a wooden plank floor too. Glue it down onto a piece of cardboard which you can paint if you like. Louisa made daisies in the grass and a cute stepping stone pathway to the front door.

Next, we’ll build the furniture!

Ahhhhh. . . . it is very satisfying building a house!


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